Paul E. Wirt Fountain Pens: Index of Topics

Overview of Paul E Wirt fountain features

Introduction to Paul E Wirt fountain pens

Imprints seen on Paul Wirt pens, with approximate dates

Other Paul Wirt pen imprints less commonly seen

Feeds: two piece Paul Wirt overfeed, Paul Wirt paddle feed, Paul Wirt vented underfeed

The Missing Links: transitional feeds for the advanced collector

Nibs: Wirt unvented nibs sizes 1 – 8, Wirt Wreath nibs, Wirt vented nib

Clips seen on Paul E Wirt pens

Filling Systems: Paul Wirt self filling fountain pens

Uncommon Paul Wirt fountain pens

Special case designs:

The Paul E Wirt double reservoir fountain pen – this is the pen with the swollen case in the ads

Rear end joint dropper filler with other unique features

Retractable nib safety pens – two versions of Wirt pens with retractable nibs.

Ink shut off Wirt safety pens

Wirt “Jointless” fountain pen

Other Paul Wirt fountain pen topics, features, etc

Transitional Cap – not a normal straight cap, and not a cone cap

U.S. Senate buys Paul Wirt fountain pens

A Wirt screw cap dropper filler with unusual imprint

Paul Wirt lever filling pens

Late celluloid Paul Wirt pens

Paul E. Wirt pen ads and other “paper”

Wirt ads touting number of Wirt pens sold/in use

Pen Photos – just pictures of Wirt fountain pens

Wirt hard rubber chasing patterns Look at all the variety of chasing patterns! Wirt made black pens awesome!


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