Paul E. Wirt fountain pens & the Museum of Fountain Pen Filling Systems

I love to heal and restore vintage fountain pens, typically pre WWII vintage fountain pens. I hope to introduce you to the wonderful world of Paul E. Wirt fountain pens which was the first major brand from the time before Parker, Sheaffer, Waterman and Conklin took the mantle as the “Big Four.”

I also hope to interest pen lovers in the the weird and wonderful world of fountain pen filling systems. While writing about strange filling systems for Paul Erano’s Fountain Pen Journal, I came up with the insanely named discipline of “archæostylophylogeny.”

  • archæostylophylogeny
  • [är-kē-ō-stīlō-fī-ˈlä-jə-nē]
  • noun
  •     the study of early fountain pens as it pertains to their evolution and grouping and how they split off from one another.  
  • [Gr. arkhaio-to begin;  Gr. stylos pointed object for writing; Gr. phylon tribe; Gr. geneia origin]