Help me find these pens!!!

There are some pens that I have seen pictures of, or references to, but I do not own and have not had the pleasure of opening to inspect.

Curzon’s “Top-Lever” pen

A small lever on the butt end of the barrel lifts up to results in compression of an internal pressure bar. Put the lever flat again to draw ink.

H.B Smith stud filler

I saw this pen for sale once on ebay. There was a sort of nob or nut on the side. It unscrews a bit, and then you push it like the stud on the Jaxon/Conklinette. At least I think that is what it does.

Whitney (Whitney Richards?) COLLAR MECHANISM

I once saw a Whitney pen with a metal collar. I think I read somewhere that sliding the collar moves an internal pivot like the Schnell/Bankers Master Special filler.

“The Major”

Under the blind cap is some sort of a ball. Is this just the same toggle as the Eagle toggle filler, or something else? I saw a picture – not sure what it is.