Paul E. Wirt fountain pen boxes

Pictured below are all the Wirt fountain pen boxes that I have. Searching on line for Wirt fountain pen boxes brings up the same three styles, the white box, the black box, and the Christmas box. I would be interested in hearing from you if you have other styles, or if you have a black one in better condition.

White box

The white box is constructed as an outer sleeve with an inner drawer. The outer portion has red outlines on the ends of the outer box. The top has the typical script “Paul E. Wirt Fountain Pen.” One side is printed with the name of the seller. The inner drawer portion has a repair price list on one side and a general price list on the other side.

Black box

The black box is constructed like the white box with an outer sleeve and inner drawer. The only marking on the black Wirt box is the script “Paul E. Wirt Fountain Pen” on top. It appears to be embossed (actually debossed) and not otherwise inked.

Christmas box

The Christmas box has a lid that lifts off. The top is decorated on all sides with hollies. The Wirt script logo is imprinted inside the top of the box. The bottom is plain.

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