Wirt Mansion Postcards, Mansion Sale, and Walking Tour of Bloomsburg PA

For some reason, the home of Paul Wirt was a popular theme for a postcard. I now have four versions of this. The two black and white pictures appear to be the same picture, but one has the unsightly poles removed from the photo. Oddly, the name Wirt is misspelled in the first postcard! The last color photo is poorly hand tinted.

I have also come across a picture from 1950 when the property was sold.

Text from the page bearing the photo below, which states the photo is from 1950: “The Wirt Mansion, First Street, was recently purchased by Basil Robbins. Federal revenue stamps indicated the transaction was made in consideration of $40,000. The residence was erected by the late Paul E. Wirt, fountain pen inventor.”

If you are in the area and so inclined, I even found a walking tour of Bloomsburg PA, which feature two stops with Wirt pedigrees, #14 and #36