Paul Wirt pen clips

Most Wirt pens do not have clips. Clips are occasionally seen on a non-screw cap pen, but mostly are seen on pens with threaded caps.

In my collection, the B&H clip is present on three pens: a Wirt Simplicity pen (screw cap), a black hard rubber lever filler (screw cap), and a safety with ink shut off (screw cap). This logo matches Byers and Hayes logos seen on otherwise normal Z clips on their pens. Strangely I do not easily find pictures of any B&H pens with the type of B&H clip seen on Wirt pens.

The “WIRT” imprinted simple Z clip is present on all six of my celluloid Wirt pens. [The prior Wirt site by Ron Dutcher states that this clip was on larger #5 and #6 hard rubber lever pens, and that the plain Z clip was on the smaller sized #3 and #4 pens. ]

I have found the VV clip on an otherwise standard 3 line imprint cone cap pen, as well as on a lone cap that came to me without a pen. These caps are not threaded.

The roller clip is marked “US PAT 1914” and “GER SILVER”. The Logo in between appears to be “WHH.” It belongs to a plain hard rubber pen that lacks a Wirt barrel imprint. The barrel is marked “INTERNATIONAL LIFE –ST LOUIS MO–“

The plain Z clip is on a black chased hard rubber pen, standard sized. There was no nib, but size #3 or #4 would seem appropriate.