Wirt Nibs

Some one line imprint pens have complete unmarked nibs (still unvented of course). Some appear to be a flimsy cheap spade shaped nib, but these have tipping material, so I suspect that they are period correct nibs.

Most Wirt nibs have a size number. Catalogs often only mention sizes 1-7. I am not aware of anything larger than an 8. I acquired the #8 nib later, so it is not in the large nib photo. However, it is shown next to the 7 from this picture as well as next to a typical standard #2, and a “nice sized” #4.

Some later pens (but pre 1920s celluloid pens) have the Wirt “wreath” nib.

Only the late celluloid pens can be seen with vented nibs and traditional finned feeds.

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