Paul E. Wirt Fountain Pens: Index of Topics

Overview of Paul E Wirt fountain features

Introduction to Paul E Wirt fountain pens

Imprints seen on Paul Wirt pens, with approximate dates

Other Paul Wirt pen imprints less commonly seen

Feeds: two piece Paul Wirt overfeed, Paul Wirt paddle feed, Paul Wirt vented underfeed

The Missing Links: transitional feeds for the advanced collector

Nibs: Wirt unvented nibs sizes 1 – 8, Wirt Wreath nibs, Wirt vented nib

Clips seen on Paul E Wirt pens

Filling Systems: Paul Wirt self filling fountain pens

Uncommon Paul Wirt fountain pens

Special case designs: Paul Wirt fountain pens with overlays, Wirt cable twists, Wirt hexagon and decagon faceted pens

The Paul E Wirt double reservoir fountain pen – this is the pen with the swollen case in the ads

Rear end joint dropper filler with other unique features

Retractable nib safety pens – two versions of Wirt pens with retractable nibs.

Ink shut off Wirt safety pens

Other Paul Wirt fountain pen topics, features, etc

Transitional Cap – not a normal straight cap, and not a cone cap

U.S. Senate buys Paul Wirt fountain pens

A Wirt screw cap dropper filler with unusual imprint

Paul Wirt lever filling pens

Late celluloid Paul Wirt pens

Pen Photos – just pictures of Wirt fountain pens

Wirt hard rubber chasing patterns Look at all the variety of chasing patterns! Wirt made black pens awesome!


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