Hicks Sackett dropper filled

The Hicks Sackett fountain pen is a dropper filled pen with a design that was intended to prevent inky fingers at the section joint (see also standard dropper filled pens, middle joint pens, and end joint pens). This is a style of removable nib and feed referred to as “jointless” due to the “Parker Jointless” branding of a similar idea for a pen where the gripping section is integral to the barrel. However, what is unique to this design is that the feed is long. There are curves in the feed which enable you to pull the nib and feed far out without total removal of the nib and feed. No need to set it on your desk during filling, which could result in an inky part rolling into other items on your desk or on to the floor. I can see the advantage that the parts remain attached and firmly in hand during filling.