Wirt U.S. Senate pens

A Wirt model 47 with #4 nib (one of 25 per primary literature), and an oversized plain hard rubber #7 nib Paul Wirt pen (no model number on barrel). Per a period catalog, the #7 is model 51B (one of 19 per period literature)

In 1907 and 1908, the US Senate bought Paul Wirt pens. Based on digitized files, it is not clear if these were bought other years as well. I was only able to find digitized references in the 1908 Senate expenditures. There is mention of the House of Representative buying Wirt pens in 1911, but I have not seen pens marked as such. The largest is a later addition to my collection. Please check out the Wirt Nibs page for size comparison. A period catalog lists #8 nibs, but not a model number for the pen holder.

From the Congressional Series of the United States 1908, with Wirt model 47 highlighted. 13 were bought in October 1907, and 12 in January 1908 (noted on page 71 of the report, not shown). Model 51B – 7 bought in October 1907, 6 in Jan 1908 and 6 in Feb 1908.
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