Swan Visofil VT

The Swan Visofil VT bears no resemblance to the original Visofil except the name and the linear compression of the sac.  The Visofil VT was  released in 1937 and was available until 1942.  The VT is configured much like the Vacumatic, with the barrel serving as the reservoir, except that a tube-shaped sac at the end, rather than a diaphragm, is pumped repeatedly to fill the pen.  The sac compresses in a linear fashion via a complex (but in my opinion,  beautiful) mechanism that does away with the need for a blind cap. Rather than removing a blind cap to expose a stem, as with the Vacumatic filler, a flat button is present that unscrews and extends a rod. Push several times on the button much as one would use a Vacumatic filler to fill the pen.  When finished, screw the rod and button back into the pen.  The Visofil VT came only in one size, about 5 1/8 inches in length. The pen was available in black and in three colors that were all crosshatch patterns:  green, ruby and gray.  All were fitted with Swan #3 nibs that invariably offer a smooth and expressive writing experience.

This pen has a lot in common with the Parker Vacumatic. Repeated linear compression of a sac gradually fills the barrel, enhanced by a breather tube.

UK patent GB480965, Swan Visofil VT