John Holland hatchet filler states the pen was made from 1908-1912.  Fischler and Schneider  3rd Ed. also states 1908-1912.  But the patent was applied for November 3, 1914 and issued September 7, 1915.  John Holland entered the self filling pen arena around 1905 with the pull (saddle) filler and the Eureka sleeve filler.  The company is better remembered for the hatchet filler which was likely made until the late 1910s.

The active part of the filling system is a hump on a stick, which loosely resembles a hatchet. The end of the hatchet “handle” is attached to a pivot in the middle of the slot. Rotate the pivot one way, and you get the handle of the hatchet resting parallel along the pressure bar with the hump sticking out and ready to press. Rotate it the other way, and the hump is safely stored inside the barrel, just past the end of the pressure bar and sac.  When not in use, there is no protruding hump and accidental ink discharge is impossible.  There are well made pens that came in a variety of sizes and even seen with overlays.