Wirt double reservoir pen

This is the only one of these I am aware of. It is huge. It is not imprinted, but clearly is the pen in the patent and the one intended by the ads. The ad shows a more rounded pen, which would have been more difficult to make on the lathe. I wonder if Wirt had a bit of P.T. Barnum in him, and advertised pens before they were produced and waited to see if there were orders. The patent describes using the large case as a reservoir, opening the inner chamber at the far end by unscrewing the section, which lets a refill of ink from from the outer reservoir to the inner.

My crude drawing to show how I believe it was intended to work. Refer to Fig. 2 in the patent drawing.

  • The barrel is filled. The inner reservoir is open at the far end to let in ink.
  • When the section and inner reservoir is inserted, ink fills the inner reservoir, and the end of the inner reservoir seals into the end of the pen.
  • When you run out of ink, you unscrew the section, disengage the seal at the bottom, and the inner reservoir will partially fill from the bottom.
  • Based on the shape of the bottom end, you can repeat this process and eventually get every last drop of ink from the outer reservoir to the inner.

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