Betzler accordion sac fountain pen filling system with extending rod – “The Perfected Model Betzler”

This extending rod portion of this accordion sac fountain pen filling system was the “new” or the “perfected” model Betzler. The original had an extendable rod as well, but it was a flat piece that flipped outward on a pivot. This particular pen of mine was too beautiful not to restore. There was no filler when I got it. So I made one based on the patent and diagrams in vintage ads. A real one is all hard rubber, but I used metal for the thinnest piece to make it sturdier. Also, you just can’t replace the accordion sac. To get around the lack of accordion sacs, a large sac with a bespoke compression spring will do the trick. It will control the compression of the sac into an accordion like set of crinkles, and make the sac and filler parts spring back nicely.

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